Precision surface and underground exploration drilling

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HMR works closely with clients to cost effectively complete challenging drill programs in all types of environments.


Industry capabilities:

  • All standard diamond drilling services in both underground and surface environments
  • Geo-technical drilling of
        • Portals

        • Tailing dams

        • Oversize coring (seismic)

        • Piezometer installation

        • Open cut pit walls

  • High pressure grouting
  • Directional / wedging
  • Shallow angled surface drill holes
  • Drilling without digging sumps
  • Installation of packers and pressure packers
  • Operation of surveying equipment, gyro's maxibors, multi shots


HMR Drilling Services operates Australia-wide in all locations.


HMR Drilling Services - precision exploration, diamond and geotech drillers, commenced in 2008 to provide clients with timely, cost effective and small footprint drilling services for both underground and surface projects.  With a shared experience of over 65 years the management team combine this expertise with innovative technologies, proven drilling methods and an unswerving commitment to safety, training and communication, present a compelling and competitive offer to the market.

HMR became part of the PYBAR group of companies in 2013, combining state of the art drilling equipment and technical expertise with PYBAR's Australia-wide mining service infrastructure and ability to mobilise nationally.

HMR's experience ranges from grass roots exploration to large scale definition drilling with primary capabilities including surface drilling - (resource models & geo-technical) and underground diamond drilling (grade and exploration).

An excellent record, HMR completes projects with high production, on budget, little or no down time, and close to 100% of holes finishing at depth with the highest of recovery.  Company size, experience and equipment combine to complete the toughest of jobs safely, cost effectively, on schedule with a commitment to keeping environmental impact to a small footprint.

Current News

HMR Produce Skid Steer Rig

hmr bobcat rigInnovative equipment modification gives HMR a unique market offering

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Case Studies

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Environmental Technology

Environmental Technology HMR Drilling 2HMR drilling services designed a simplistic, cost effective sump systemgiving clients more flexibility in hole design/location plus reduces the amount of land cleared for drilling - providing a more environmentally friendly drilling solution.

The drill cuttings are collected in above-ground sumps, which are easily moved for disposal, unlike the usual dumping cuttings into the bio-remediation pad or designated drill sump/ pit. Sumps are then re-used.

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St Barbara King of the Hills Project

St Barbara King of the Hills Project 2HMR provided shallow angled drill holes behind the large pit wall failure, via drilling from a pit bench. Wall stability was paramount to accessing the ore from underground workings.

Drill holes were targeted within 20mtrs of the pit wall failure, so an acute angle was needed to set up the rig.

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